Bike Helmets Won’t Keep Your Kids Safe

A helmet won’t prevent your child from getting in a bike accident. Don’t get me wrong – make sure your kids wear their helmets! There is no doubt it will protect them if they do fall, but we hope it never comes to that.

As parents, we do a lot of things to keep our kids safe. We make them wear helmets when they ride their bikes. But we also teach them how to look both ways before they cross the street, watch for vehicles, and not be reckless on their bikes to prevent them from ever having to rely on that helmet. When we talk about school safety but don’t talk about ways to prevent school violence, we are neglecting the single most effective way to keep our children safe.

If your child’s school doesn’t focus on violence prevention efforts like behavioral threat assessment, have them call us. Common sense protective measures are essential, but let’s do things that make sure we never need to rely on those measures.

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