Foresight is 20/20.

Over 75% of shooters spend at least a week preparing for their attack, during which time they often exhibit many concerning behaviors. This means that a little vigilance now could save you from a lot of violence later. Through behavioral threat assessment training, we can help you identify, assess and manage the risks of a targeted attack, providing the missing link in your current security plan and safeguarding your facility by stopping violence before it starts.

Planning. For a safer world.

Effective security isn’t about doing one thing or another. It’s about doing a lot of things right. At Clearwall Safety, we use our experience to craft a custom plan for your organization, whether it’s a school, a business or a place of worship that must be open to all while preventing the violent acts of a few. From prevention to recovery, we go far beyond physical security, using a holistic approach that considers every aspect of your safety, so you know what it takes to make everything go right and what to do when it doesn’t.


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